A Journey for Others to Follow


Haley Coller is on a journey. “I’d like to think what matters most in my world is constantly changing, shifting, and altering as I unravel new chapters of my life,” she says. Although she’s a recent Gustavus graduate, Haley has logged a bounty of experiences. “In college, friends and career were the driving force during my four years on The Hill. I was actively involved in organizations by taking on leadership roles, double majoring in Public Accounting and Political Science, but also staying closely connected in my relationships with friends. Now, in my current chapter, travel and health are at the forefront of my mind. I'm keenly focused on developing a world perspective and experiencing the beauty of the world firsthand. Since I graduated from Gustavus, I've traveled to and visited over 20 countries!”

Through those travels Haley made her way to New York City first for an internship and now a full-time job as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, but she’s proud to still feel connected to her Minnesota community. “Gustavus has grounded me in my Minnesota roots,” she says, “which has allowed me to remain humble and grateful in an environment that is materialistic by nature.” At Gustavus she learned how civic involvement changes lives. "Gustavus helped demonstrate community impact," she says. "As part of my time in Habitat for Humanity, it became apparent how enthralled Gustavus was with local and worldly communities. I am proof of that impact."

Gustavus definitely helped to instill intellectual curiosity in me ... Every day I work toward excellence.

She competed against students from the Ivy Leagues for her internship, but Haley came out ahead. She credits the comprehensive introduction to liberal arts and critical thinking she received at Gustavus as a game changer in her competitiveness. “Gustavus definitely helped to instill intellectual curiosity in me, which helped me stand out against my peers," Haley says. "I have a desire to know more and that drive was effective during my internship at Goldman Sachs and now as an analyst. Every day I work toward excellence by trying to learn more and achieve my goals.”

She starts each day saying three words to herself: Positivity, Optimism, and Action. “When I say these three words into the mirror every morning, I’m speaking them into existence. They become my reality, which allows me to start each day with purpose,” she says.

With the help of various scholarship programs, Gustavus afforded Haley a full ride to college. The importance of community was always tied to her college dream. “I try to make my life count every day so that I can pave the way for students, especially students of color, following in my footsteps. I’m committed to leaving a legacy for my community and the next generation of my family. A legacy of grit, hard work, financial freedom, volunteerism, and excellence.”

Haley Coller - Business Analyst for Goldman Sachs
A Journey for Others to Follow
Haley Coller
Gustavus Class of 2016
Business Analyst for Goldman Sachs