Brian J. Evans - 2007
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Charlie Conn - 1994
Charlie Conn ’94
Elizabeth (Truong) Jenson - 2005
My professors ... through the arts, rooted me as a person.
Elin Ahldén - 1999
Elin Ahldén ’99
Haley Coller - 2016
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Dr. Bernard Powers - 1972
Dr. Bernard Powers ’72
Carly Zucker - 2007
It’s great to see how those donations add up to make one big donation, to make our community a better place.
Lieutenant Wes Jones - 2011
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Matt Rasmussen - 1998
The students and colleagues that surround me are some of the brightest and most creative people I’ve ever met.
Eric Butorac - 2003
Eric Butorac ’03
Dr. Yurie Hong -
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Dr. Dwight Stoll -
Dr. Dwight Stoll
David “Agape” Scherer - 1999
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Ferial Mohamed Pearson - 2001
Ferial Mohamed Pearson ’01
Ellen Ruiters - 1997
I realized if I can articulate my passion, I can get to do more of it.
Kate Schulze - 2015
Kate Schulze ’15
Dr. Jeff La Frenierre -
Resolving these environmental challenges offers the opportunity to make the world a truly better place.
Dr. T.J. Ridley - 2010
Dr. T.J. Ridley ’10